Fresno Folk Musicians
Fresno is home to an amazing variety of musicians. Old-Time, Bluegrass, Cajun, Irish and other Celtic music, as well as swing and traditional jazz, Armenian, Greek, Balkan--just to name a few are played by Fresno's musicians. Here are a few of the most prominant Fresno groups and musicians playing this type of music. If you know of any that should be listed let me know.

Jon Adams (Folksinger)
Terry Barrett (Old-Time, Irish, more)
Baloney Creek (Bluegrass)
Blind Dog (Celtic)
Evo Bluestein
(Old-Time, Bluegrass, Cajun and Jazz)
Jem Bluestein
(Old-Time, Cajun, Celtic and more)
Cerro Negro (Flamenco and Latin Grooves not affilliated with the FFS)
Godfrey Coppinger (Storyteller Musician)
Larry Cusick (Irish, Scottish, dancemaster)
John Chookasian (Armenian)
Glen Delpit
and the Subterraneans (Blues)
Kenny Hall (Old-Time, Irish, more)
Harps At Play (Celtic Harp music)
Heartland Harvest (folk, country, bluegrass, old time, celtic, hispanic and european styles of acoustic music.)
Highlands and Lowlands (Irish and Scottish songs and music)
Pipe on the Hob
(Irish, Scottish)
Lennart Kullberg (Scandinavian)
Flutes of Fancy (Renaissance, Celtic, and wedding music on Recorders)
Fresno Spelman
Fresneaux Ramblers (Cajun, Celtic, Old Time)
Good Medicine ("Folkadelic" guitar and folk singers not affiliated with the FFS)
Grasskickers (Bluegrass)
Great Danes
(Celtic, Old-Time)
Inyana (Native American)
John Kilburn (Brazilian Jazz)

Karen Marguth
(Jazz vocalist)
E.Z. Mark (Eastern European, Early California)
McTeggart (Irish music and Dance)
Mirage (Middle Eastern)

Laura Olson (Irish)
Steve Ono (Jazz and Folk guitarist)
Red Rag Andy Band (Old Time)
RoseTree (Celtic Music on Harp, Hammered Dulcimer and whistles)
Roscanna (Irish)
Brad “The Dude Boy” Rogers (Original Country)
Rosewood (Jazz)
Rich Sarois (Accordian, Brazilian and other styles)
Scats on the Sly
(1920's Jazz, Pop)
Eva Scow - Brazilian, Jazz, folk, Classical
Smiley Mountain Band (Bluegrass)
Tocanto (a variety of Brazilian Styles played on authentic intruments)

Uncle Ephus
Zambra Trio
(Flamenco Guitar not affilliated with the FFS)
Los Zuñigas (Mexican and Spanish, Bluegrass)

  Jon Adams (guitar & vocals) “interstate minstrel who sings anything you can get away with at a campfire.” Jon is also well known in the community as a sketch artist.
  Jem Bluestein performs solo or in combo or w/ band for concerts, parties, dances, kids' concerts or rallies, etc.   Wide variety of folk styles including Appalachian, country blues, Cajun, Zydeco, Celtic, Mexican, Yiddish, Greek, blues, R&B and reggae.  His electric dance band (Cajun, Zydeco, Blues, R&B, reggae) is Lonesome Jem and the Lunatics.  (Personnel varies).  PH: 298-1623
  Terry Barrett is a multi-talented musician playing fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. A protege of Kenny Hall, Terry has a wealth of musical styles and tunes under his belt. Italian, Scandinavian, Old Timey, and Celtic music are all part of his repetoir. Terry has been featured on albums by Kenny Hall and Fresno Spelman and others. He also does sound engineering and recording and also tunes pianos. He may be reached at (559)228-8863 or E-Mail
    Larry Cusick is the organizer and caller of contra dances here in Fresno. Not only that he plays fiddle and his wife Susan Heidebrecht plays bodhran in a group called Rosecanna. See Larrys own homepage or send E-mail to Larry CuisickHe also has a Contra Dance Page and some of his own music compositions in ABC format.
  Kenny Hall is an internationally known mandolin and fiddle player. He has recorded several albums of old time stringband music and has influenced many Californian musicians. He has performed at the Smithsonian Folklife festival and has toured in Ireland and Europe. He currently plays with Terry Barrett, and his wife Marta Hall as Kenny Hall and the Long Haul String Band. Book Kenny by phoning 559-226-5595

Fresno Spelman and the Great Danes Scandinavian Ensemble both feature the fine Scandinavian accordian playing of Lennart Kullberg. Fresno Spelman is Lennart Kullberg, Terry Barrett on fiddle, and John Adams on guitar. The Great Danes Scandinavian Ensemble features Lennart and up 6 or more other fine musicians on fiddles, mandolins, guitars. Both groups are regular featured performers at the Solvang and Kingsburg Swedish Festivals. The Great Danes have also performed at a huge festival somewhere in Minnesota. Contact Lennart Kullberg at (559)434-9085 or E-Mail Terry Barret

  Pipe on the Hob is the most prominent and long lasting Celtic band in Fresno. It has existed in one form or another for at least 19 years! In its present form Pipe on the Hob is: Donn Beedle on fiddle and mandola, Carl Johnsen on hammered dulcimer, whistle and flute, Kathryn Johnsen on harp and keyboard, Karana Hattersley-Drayton on guitar,keyboard and vocals, plus Sean McHenry on bodhran and vocals. They can be seen playing at Renaissance Fairs, weddings, private parties, the Scottish Games, and other Celtic events. For info you can E-Mail Carl Johnsen or call (559)229-8808 webpage

John Chookasian a very talented Armenian musician plays oud and clarinet. He has two groups: The John Chookasian International Folk Ensemble playing Armenian, Greek and other regional folk styles and Chookasian Armenian Concert Ensemble playing classical and folkloric music featuring musicians from the USA and Armenia) For booking, CD, and tape info call (559)449-1777



E.Z Mark a very talented musician plays lots of different styles on his fiddle and guitar. Mexican and Balkan are his specialties. Check out his web page
    Greencastle is Jean Kilpatrick on fiddle; Skip Rollf on mandolin; Dean Lloyd on concertina and harmonica. They play a mixture of old time, celtic & other musical styles. Heritage has performed at local events put on by the Fresno County Historical Society, Fresno Metropolitan Museum, San Joaquin River Parkway, Civil War Reenactment, Clovis Farmer's Market and Auberry Wild Flower Festival. Greencastle and other musicians join together as the "Wawona Philharmonic", providing music for traditional dances at Yosemite's Pioneer History Center during the summer months. A cassette recording is available. Contact Dean Lloyd, 559-237-8666 or E-mail


Harps At Play is self taught harpers Anita Pazeian and Mary Smith, who have played together for the past seven years. Their blend of classical and traditional approaches to music results in their own unique musical style. They select and arrange their music to enhance the rich tones of the traditional harps they play. While their music embraces different time periods to include simple medieval melodies and modern tunes of today, their emphasis is on the Celtic music that spans the centuries. Anita and Mary play throughout California at Renaissance Fairs, weddings, parties, and other social gatherings.
Harps at Play may be reached at 222-0351 or 225-0441.Website
  McTeggart is an Irish kitchen ceili (KAY-lee) band. In the tradition of countless generations, they lead a family-style party -- a ceili -- featuring lively music, easy group dances for all, sing-alongs and Irish step-dancing performances. Band leader Kevin Hall is a third-generation Irish dance instructor and caller, a skill learned at home from his mother Maureen McTeggart Hall, director of the McTeggart Irish Dancers (the oldest and among the largest Irish dance schools in North America, with classes in Arizona, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas and Utah.) Kevin says his family's music and dancing tradition -- rooted in the flagstone-floor kitchen parties of rural Ireland -- is "younger than mountains, older than the trees." Contact Kevin at 559-227-6421 or
  Highlands and Lowlands is an enthusiastic band of musicians from the mountains and valley hence their name. They play and sing a variety of Irish and Scottish songs and have cut several CD's Email Linda Dryden
  Heartland Harvest features it's own unique mix of folk, country, bluegrass, old time, celtic, hispanic and european styles of acoustic music. Weproduce a varied mix of vocal and dance music to suit your event. Currently all the musicians reside in Fresno California Visit their homepage for more information

Flutes of Fancy are Bert and Dorothy Barth. They play a variety of music on recorders for weddings, renaissance faires, and other cultural events. For more information be sure to see their lovely webpage . They have moved to Northern California.


Rose Tree are Kathryn and Carl Johnsen. They play Celtic music for weddings and other occasions on Hammered Dulcimer, Harp and whistle. They have a demo CD available. email or call (559) 229-8808 and check out their webpage
  Steve Ono is an excellent jazz guitarist and composer. He carries on the tradition and spirit of Frank Hicks, the "king of the passing chord". You may find out more at his webpage or by email
  Karen Marguth:  Vocalist  30s and 40s jazz  Much appreciated by local jazz musicians, she is asked to perform  with Armen Nalbandjan, Kevin Hill,  Rich Severson, Rick Canfield, Dave Ruffner.  She’ll be performing at the 2007  Rogue Festival. Myspace Email:
  Scats on the Sly: Mike Newton, guitar; Martin Hansen, bass; Sue Beevers, fiddle; Mallory Moad, vocals & poster girl. With their jazzy string-swing sound, this copasetic quartet will take you on a jumpin’ journey to a time when songs had charm, wit and sophistication and beat boxes, Marshall stacks and political correctness had yet to make an appearance.
  Smiley Mountain Band—North Fork-Yosemite area:  Jeff Gurule and Ed Heiss Bluegrass and original compositions.
  Mirage is Jim Karagozian on Kanun and oud, Eddie Karagozian on Dumbek, Michel Awad on Derbekki and Khatchig Jingirian on keyboards and vocals. Between them, Mirage has many years of individual musical experience from which to draw. Together, they skillfully enliven traditional folk music for a modern audience without diminishing its original charm. The result is a repertoire of songs appealing to a wide variety of listeners and dancers.  Their cd Yarus is available at
  Cerro Negro is not a Folklore Society affilliated group but they play an interesting blend of "Flamenco and Rhumba Nueva" as they put it. They have several CD's available for purchase.
Contact:  Frank Giordano  (559) 284–5128   John Martin III  (559) 222-8522      E-mail:
  Zambra is not a Folklore Society affilliated group. Students of Juan Serrano, they play their own compositions and arrangements of traditional Flamenco guitar music. -mail: or or or Tel.: 559-252-2091
    Adrianna Sanchez has been a Flamenco dance teacher for 25 years and maybe it is appropriate to list her here with all the flamenco musicians. 435-5207
  Inyana is Native Americans Lance "Fluteman" Canales and Benjamin Cline. They play original compositions on Native American Flute, guitar and Drums. For information and CD's see Black Oak Records

Good Medicine is a duo hailing form North Fork, CA. Debbie Hutchins plays 6 and 12 string acoustic electric and electric guitars and sings, Frank Sipes writes the songs, sings and plays bass. Both have impressive musical credentials. They call their style of music "Folkadelic" drawing from folk and blues to country and tinged with rock,jazz and funk. They have a CD "Sketches". For further information phone (559) 877-4431 or E-mail their agent
  Laura Olson plays traditional Irish music on harp, fiddle, and mandolin and teaches music in Clovis 559 299-9708
  Blind Dog enjoys playing an eclectic mix of tunes which bubble up through the diverse musical backgrounds  of its members:  traditional American, Celtic, Bluegrass and Classical.  Musicians are John McDaniel (guitar, mandolin, banjo, bodhran), Bruce Honeyman (guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals), Ann Munson (guitar, pennywhistle, keyboard, vocals), David Fox (cello), Kathy Wosika (fiddle, bodhran).  You can find Blind Dog  at various venues and events in Fresno as well as a yearly Garden Tour gig in Big Sur.  Contact Kathy for info
    Tocanto, led by singer Paola (of Rio de Janeiro) and John Kilburn, play many Brazilian music styles and perform on a wide variety of authentic Brazilian instruments. They are very popular with the FFS membership and have a CD. Sierra Entertainment is their umbrella organization
  Baloney Creek has been performing together for the past year. They have entertained at events such as bluegrass festivals, as well as private parties, convalescent homes, churches, etc. Their own personal bluegrass style has a twist of swing, a bit of blues, and a collection of old time fiddle tunes incorporated.
  Fresneaux Ramblers is Terry Barrett (fiddle and mandolin), Gary Arcemont (fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin), Dean Lloyd (harmonica, accordions, pennywhistle), Bruce Honeyman (guitar, mandolin) This quartet of experienced musicians presents a musical gumbo with a richness in its variety of instrumentation, vocals and folk styles.  They will entertain you with authentic American Roots Music--from the cajuns of Louisiana, the celtic music of Ireland and Scotland, and the old-timey country string band music of the Appalachian mountain folks.  Hear them at Body in the Bog and Sequoia Brewery monthly. Contact Terry Barrett at or (559) 228-8863
    Godfrey Coppinger has performed as a storyteller and folk singer since 1980. Her repertoire includes original stories and songs, as well as a vast multitude of
traditional tunes and tales from around the world. She plays with guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, accordian,Native American flute, penny whistle, ocarina, washboard, pots and pans - well, you get the message. The operative word in all of Godfrey’s performances is PLAY. For more information, contact Godfrey at
  Roscanna is Larry Cusick (fiddle), Chris Eacock (guitar), Bruce Honeyman (mandolin), Laura Olsen (harp, fiddle) and Susan Heidebrecht (bodhran). . Email Larry Cusick
  Eva Scow - Eva is an outstanding young musician. In addition to Lyquid Amber, Eva plays in the Brazilian group Tocanto and in college orchestras. She is at home in the classical, folk and jazz idioms. She is available for weddings and other occasions. Visit her website for contact info.
  Uncle Ephus
is "Not just an Old Time String Band." Founded in 2008 by washboard player and vocalist, Doug Cornelious, the band has been wildly successful. Remembering his days with the "Music Farmers," Dougs songs are authentic and toe-tapping. Uncle Ephus has played at Hobbs Grove Bluegrass Festival, The Mucky Duck in Monterey, and the Festival of the Lanterns in Pacific Grove. They are a lively band with tight harmonies and a nostalgic old timey sound. Hire them for your private party or public function. You can be sure you will be entertained by this fun loving band.