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Evo Bluestein!

Evo Bluestein

Evo Bluestein of Fresno’s first family of folk, is a multi-talented musician, popular dance caller, and gifted educator. Evo continues to perform and teach. His music has been heard and enjoyed by many--locally, nationally, and internationally.  

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Evo is also an inventor of unique and beautiful autoharps for his brands, Evoharp and Sparrowharp.

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Evo Bluestein with student

For Sale Now: "The Road to Sweet's Mill" by Evo

The Road to Sweet's Mill by Evo Bluestein

  “Road to Sweet’s Mill” contains hundreds of photos from performances at the music camp across the years. An audio CD also accompanies the book, with 22 rare and historical field recordings — the earliest from 1964, the most recent from 1986. The book also includes an extensive glossary of “Who’s Who and What’s What.”

The book includes an audio CD.

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Evo Bluestein    (559) 297-8966