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  Marley's Ghost! 

   Marley's Ghost


Marley's Ghost is nothing less than a national treasure, the capable inheritors of the archetypal Americana blueprint drawn up by The Band.

As the L.A. Weekly aptly put it, “This West Coast group deftly dashes across decades of American music to create a sound that’s steeped in tradition but never bogged down by traditionalism.”

The ever-eclectic band returns to Fresno Folklore Society for a resonant night of music featuring tunes from its broad repertoire, along with a host of
gone-world gospel gems from its new release, Travelin' Shoes, helmed by Grammy-winning producer Larry Campbell, known for his artful work with Bob Dylan,
Levon Helm, and countless others.

Known for its trademark multi-part harmonies and multi-instrumental skills, Marley’s Ghost can sing and play anything with spot-on feel, from folk roots to rock,
blues to bluegrass, soulful gospel to stone country, which is what they've been doing—to the ongoing delight of a fervent cult that includes many of their
fellow musicians—for more than 30 years.

“. . . remarkable, distinctive voices, giddily eccentric eclecticism, a heady subversive treat.” – No Depression