Fresno Folklore Society

A Non-Profit Corporation for the Traditional Arts

Fresno, California

Artists of the Fresno Folklore Society


    The Artists & Musicians of the FFS:


Local Musicians--  Groups Society Guest Artists

Kenny Hall  (In Memoriam)
Gene Bluestein  (In Memoriam)

The Bluestein Family
Evo Bluestein
Jemmy Bluestein

Gilly Girls

Pipe on the Hob

Two for the Road



Needing Bios:

Heartland Harvest


The Engle Family

The Sibley Family

Uncle Ephus

Gove Scrivenor
David Francey
Laurie Lewis
John McCutcheon

Needing Bios:

John Martin III
Red Molly
Sarah Cabral
The Hanks Family
Hans York

Local Musicians - Individual Artists

Eva Scow

Steve Ono

Amber Cross

Glen Delpit

Lance Canales

Needing Bios:

Kevin Hill

Barry Schultz

Terry Barrett

Mike Reilly

Boxcar Figaro

Sally Barris

Tom Kimmel

Margaret Tynan

Bruce Honeyman

Diana Jones

Carmen Christina

Mark Olsen


 If you know of any artists that belong on this list that you would like to see represented, please contact Kerry at or use the form on our Contact Page!
If you do not wish to be represented here, please let us know that, as well.